Relationships take a lot. Whether they are familial relationships, dating relationships, friendship relationships, whatever, they all require the same stuff: time, genuine love, sacrifice, provision.

You can't just simply meet someone one day, leave it be, then expect the relationship to blossom out of control to where you're inseparable. Absolutely not. There's a basic, obvious prerequisite of time. Whether you develop a solid, strong relationship with another is dependent on the time spent together. You have to create a firmer basis for the relationship, and to know more about the person, their habits, past experiences, peeves, dreams, passions. And there has to be a weird kind of cohesion with the person - a form of dependency, to where you feel comfortably vulnerable with each other. To where you're able to be entirely transparent and raw. Trust me, it's good for you.

Sometimes once you get to know the person, you might develop a barrier or resistance to them, because you realize that they require a lot more of you than you're willing to just give away. This ties in with genuine love. If you reach the point where you love someone, you're eventually able to give of yourself fully, to be open about your flaws, your slip ups. You're able to lay aside anything that isn't constructive for the relationship, even if that means humble self-sacrifice. You can love them through their faults as well, and can be enveloping of their brokenness. But it's tough, because sometimes (usually) we put ourselves first, and start believing that all of the work is just not worth it. But think of that discouragement as an awakening to reverse your thinking.

The provision part... Okay so when things start to get bland in these relationships, you may wish to seek after new ones that might be more exciting or more beneficial for you - such a selfish move - but it's a part of our disgusting human nature. In this skewed mindset of a process, you tend to be lax in your old relationships, and kinda abandon them. You're no longer pulling your part and threaten the foundations. Solution: See the relationships from a new perspective; envision the possibility of what they could be, and then pull your part to make the necessary changes.

Ok I don't know if this gets the point across... or what my intention was? Ha