It's crystal to me how simple our lives can become. All we have to do is give up on the endless pursuit of "more" - and to break apart from it - and dwindle onto another pathway, one I'll simply name "less".

We are to live to give what we have been given.

Surely, most of us find the ideal of a prosperous, material-filled life to be the most ideal, leading us to constantly frown on those who drag their feet, those who seem to be going nowhere, yet in all reality, we should just slow down and accept who we currently are. Instead of exhaustingly re-inventing ourselves, why not settle into our own skin? That's one thing about us that won't really change - being in our own bodies. Let's get comfortable in ourselves.

And instead of drifting into a realm where your mindset is always focused on, "I must earn more than those I know," or, "I want my family to live comfortably and I want to provide for my parents when they are older. ..." yadda yadda, why not focus on individuals and who they are, firstly channeling that focus onto yourself?

We're suffering in this world due to a lack of identity. There's a skewed perception floating around that everyone needs to be associated with something in order to be someone. Oh, how this world appears to have so much to offer us, with so many choices of who we could ever be. So we may try on a few personas, some of us exhaust ourselves with more than just a few, yet there's always one that we can't just yet wear. Think of it as being the "ideal" persona of your own little world, and it's on display in a glass box. You sigh and say, "Maybe one day...." Well, what could possibly be associated with an ideal persona? Is it, someone who is loving? Passionate? Driven? Comfortable? And why can't we be that person right now? What's holding us back? Must we be so consumed by what others may think? For what if you are destined to have a much bolder life? We cannot be so humble as to not be willing to shine amongst the deceasing souls amongst us. If there weren't successful people, then there would not be any inspiration for others to pursue a higher standard for their own self.

Evaluate who you truly want to become, and ask yourself, "Why am I not becoming this person?" Sincerely, you deserve this refreshing and glistening opportunity for change. Here's your launch pad. Be concrete with yourself and with your potential to where you naturally shine, even if it leads to groundbreaking success and a new desire to excel.

May we conform no longer.