Close your eyes and empty your mind's cache.
Let the heat of the sun evaporate all hostile and negative flood waters.
See the smile on the sun's face.
Allow the muscles of your mouth to move freely upward and the breath clogged in your lungs to escape in laughter.
Saturate your belly with food from the earth.
Clink the bottles together and celebrate life!
For one moment of rejoicing can melt away many moments of anguish.
Twist until you click with the rhythm of the land, as the sap bonds merrily with the pine tree.
Stride boldly into places clouded by oppression and purse your lips, exhaling a tingly wind of love and hope.
May your words seep in, corroding evil like acid ruins metal, to where the chains weighing down their souls become flaky like croissants, enabling them to tear away and run into the arms of their heroic Father, with soggy clothes drenched in tears.