Thoughts of late:

1. I've been thinking about stereotypes. And I want to find one of which I best fit. Because they are humorous and unavoidable. So I chose Skiddish Homeschooler. The only problem is, I wasn't homeschooled.

2. Skiddish is my favorite word. It always makes me envision weird livestock animals with bulging eyes, kinda running in all directions in anti-clusters.

3. I am obsessing over innocent-looking animals, like sheep and rabbits. I think I'll bring home a pet rabbit and hide it in the secret room underneath the stairs.

3. I'd shunned pastels, due to the traumatizing 90's era. And the instant relation I'd given pastels to Easter. And then realized, "Oh wait, it's fall. That means dark colors, right?" Wrong. Of course I choose pastels. What is my problem.

4. I still have issues with the color pink and may possibly need therapy. But I do have one pink dress, of which I wear on those occasions where I know it's going to be a bunch of old folks and parent's friends. I think it makes me look innocent, and then they don't ask awkward questions.

5. Upon first meeting someone, I tend to ask them questions of which they've never been asked. That, or I confess something to them. Example: "Have you ever been tempted to put a cluster of naked Barbies in your weird neighbor's mailbox?" or, "I fake sneeze in crowded elevators to see how people react." It throws them a little off-kilter and it entertains me. In fact, it's one of my guilty pleasures. Very guilty.

6. There's nothing better than going to the school library when you have 10 minutes to spare. Just grab a stack of unrelated magazines and flip through them really quickly, then put them all back, and leave. Or stand in the Native American History aisle in a weird crouching-cat-about-to-pounce stance.

7. I could never hate a wildcat. I'm actually afraid of all wildcats.

8. Flowers are so inappropriately expensive.

9. I have this old, rusty metal box of which contains a few things I'd never give away. I keep it under lock and key. I'm questioning whether or not this is ethical.

10. There's an irreplaceable satisfaction that comes from having freshly ironed clothes.

11. I've recently arrived at the conclusion that, when a song skips, it's actually a glitch in the matrix.