Is it safer to trust the person who knows you and has hurt you before, or to trust the person who doesn't know you very well with the clean slate?

When evaluating the moments of which you were hurt, ask yourself: Is it their fault for hurting me?, or Is it my fault for being hurt so easily?

The barrier of our hearts is a thin, tissue-like layer, of which can be easily penetrated. Whenever we try to toughen it up, we lose the part of ourselves that is vulnerable to love. We become bitter, cold, and disinterested in the needs of others. We only live for ourselves and for whatever keeps our hearts from experiencing chilly winds and scorching fires.

Rather, we should live with the capacity to receive hurt, yet the dignity to not hurt others. Let's put others before ourselves, even if it means getting hurt. We're called to be servants to the ones who stab and pierce innocence; to love them beyond our measure of reason. Since when has the swamp of filth we've created on this earth been any more sterile than another?